About Pinta's Network

  • pintafavi Pinta Education Limited

    We are named after a ship - the Pinta. The smallest and most Agile ship in Christopher Columbus' fleet - ahead of its time!

    We have selected a portfolio for testers with an international focus - ISTQB and iSQI for the search engines; Automation for the job; and Programming for the future and the retirement pot. 

  • ISTQB Certified originalInternational Software Testing Qualifications Board

    The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) provides the syllabi for our accredited testing courses.  

    We have chosen the ISTQB for the marketability of their certificates. They operate in over 50 countries and have issued nearly 500,000 certificates worldwide.Thus, they offer recognition, so that your certificate may open up doors across the globe.

  • iSQIThe International Software Quality Institute (iSQI)

    iSQI administers exams on behalf of ISTQB country boards. We also offer their Certified Agile Tester (CAT) course.  This is highly innovative and practical, providing an opportunity to move away from the standard multiple-choice style exams, in favour of being judged on your own analysis and practical skills. 

  • BCSBCS - The Chartered Institute for IT

    Our testing qualifications have their roots with the ISEB (now the BCS). They provided us with the opportunity to grow in our field and to develop our testing courses. They also gave us the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to contribute to their books.

  • IET Institution of Engineering and Technology

    This is where it all began. The IET's focus is on engineering, including IT, across the world. The IET's academic rigour underpins everything that we do. Please contact us should you wish to join the IET.